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Psalm 112:2 [Thrice Happy Man Who Fears The Lord]
by [?]

Psalm 112:2. L. M.
The blessings of the pious and charitable.

Thrice happy man who fears the Lord,
Loves his commands, and trusts his word;
Honour and peace his days attend,
And blessings to his seed descend.

Compassion dwells upon his mind,
To works of mercy still inclin’d:
He lends the poor some present aid,
Or gives them, not to be repaid.

When times grow dark, and tidings spread
That fill his neighbours round with dread,
His heart is arm’d against the fear,
For God with all his power is there.

His soul, well fix’d upon the Lord,
Draws heavenly courage from his word;
Amidst the darkness light shall rise,
To cheer his heart, and bless his eyes.

He hath dispers’d his alms abroad,
His works are still before his God;
His name on earth shall long remain,
While envious sinners fret in vain.