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Psalm 107:2 Second Part [From Age To Age Exalt His Name]
by [?]

Correction for sin, and release by prayer.

From age to age exalt his Name,
God and his grace are still the same;
He fills the hungry soul with food,
And feeds the poor with every good.

But if their hearts rebel and rise
Against the God that rules the skies,
If they reject his heavenly word,
And slight the counsels of the Lord,

He’ll bring their spirits to the ground,
And no deliverer shall be found;
Laden with grief they waste their breath
In darkness and the shades of death,

Then to the Lord they raise their cries,
He makes the dawning light arise,
And scatters all that dismal shade,
That hung so heavy round their head.

He cuts the bars of brass in two,
And lets the smiling prisoners thro’;
Takes off the load of guilt and grief,
And gives the labouring soul relief.

O may the sons of men record
The wondrous goodness of the Lord!
How great his works! how kind his ways!
Let every tongue pronounce his praise.