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Psalm 106:2. 2d Part [God Of Eternal Love]
by [?]

Psalm 106:2. 7 8 12-14 43-48. 2d Part
Israel punished and pardoned;
or, God’s unchangeable love.

God of eternal love,
How fickle are our ways!
And yet how oft did Israel prove
Thy constancy of grace!

They saw thy wonders wrought,
And then thy praise they sung;
But soon thy works of power forgot,
And murmur’d with their tongue.

Now they believe his word,
While rocks with rivers flow;
Now with their lusts provoke the Lord,
And he reduc’d them low.

Yet when they mourn’d their faults,
He hearken’d to their groans,
Brought his own covenant to his thoughts,
And call’d them still his sons.

Their names were in his book,
He sav’d them from their foes;
Oft he chastis’d, but ne’er forsook
The people that he chose.

Let Israel bless the Lord,
Who lov’d their ancient race;
And Christians join the solemn word
Amen, to all the praise.