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Overdoing It
by [?]

This horrid old war is right in our house
Making itself at home, goodness sakes!
The scraps from our table won’t feed a mouse
We’ve cut out desserts, salads, and cakes.
Monday is meatless and Tuesday is dry,
Wednesday is sugarless, too, gee whiz!
Our plates must be cleaned, they tell us. That’s why
We eat the garbage before it is !

So I bought a melon the other day
When ma was ‘tending a Red Cross tea.
I wanted it awful bad…. Anyway
It wasn’t so big –just right for me–
And then, just to keep from wasting a drop,
I ate it all up!… Our colored Liz
Says Pa told the doctor, “My fault, old top–
“‘We eat the garbage before it is.'”

The doctor was writing a ‘scription note
When I come to, turned over and grinned,
And he frowned at Pa, as he wrote and wrote,
Till Pa grew red like his cheeks was skinned.
“Eating the garbage? Now, listen, man,
If that’s your game it’s good for my biz.
But if I was you, I surely would ‘can’
“‘We eat the garbage before it is!'”