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One Country
by [?]

ONE country! Treason’s writhing asp
Struck madly at her girdle’s clasp,
And Hatred wrenched with might and main
To rend its welded links in twain,
While Mammon hugged his golden calf
Content to take one broken half,
While thankless churls stood idly by
And heard unmoved a nation’s cry!

One country! “Nay,”–the tyrant crew
Shrieked from their dens,–“it shall be two!
Ill bodes to us this monstrous birth,
That scowls on all the thrones of earth,
Too broad yon starry cluster shines,
Too proudly tower the New-World pines,
Tear down the ‘banner of the free,’
And cleave their land from sea to sea!”

One country still, though foe and “friend”
Our seamless empire strove to rend;
Safe! safe’ though all the fiends of hell
Join the red murderers’ battle-yell!
What though the lifted sabres gleam,
The cannons frown by shore and stream,–
The sabres clash, the cannons thrill,
In wild accord, One country still!

One country! in her stress and strain
We heard the breaking of a chain!
Look where the conquering Nation swings
Her iron flail,–its shivered rings!
Forged by the rebels’ crimson hand,
That bolt of wrath shall scourge the land
Till Peace proclaims on sea and shore
One Country now and evermore!