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O, Do You Remember?–How It Came To Be?
by [?]

O, do you remember?–How it came to be?
Far, golden windows gazing from the shore;
Golden ebb of daylight; heart could hold no more:
Beloved and Beloved, and the sea.

Westward the sun,–low, slow and golden;
Eastward the moon climbed, honey-pale.
O do you remember? while our eyes were holden,
Close, close upon us,–the Golden Sail?
Wind-swift she came,–thing of living flame,
Sea-breathing Glory, to make the heart afraid!
The ripples, fold on fold
Of coiling gold,
Trailing a thousand ways
Her golden maze,
Rocked in a golden tumult, every one,
The gondolas, the ships ..
Westward she made …..
A portent from the sky,–gone by, gone by,
To golden, far eclipse; …
Into the Sun.

Behold, a mystery
That shook to golden throbbing all the sea.
Oh, and what needed one more wonder be
For thee and me, Beloved? thee and me?