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HERE! sweep these foolish leaves away,
I will not crush my brains to-day!
Look! are the southern curtains drawn?
Fetch me a fan, and so begone!

Not that,–the palm-tree’s rustling leaf
Brought from a parching coral-reef
Its breath is heated;–I would swing
The broad gray plumes,–the eagle’s wing.

I hate these roses’ feverish blood!
Pluck me a half-blown lily-bud,
A long-stemmed lily from the lake,
Cold as a coiling water-snake.

Rain me sweet odors on the air,
And wheel me up my Indian chair,
And spread some book not overwise
Flat out before my sleepy eyes.

Who knows it not,–this dead recoil
Of weary fibres stretched with toil,–
The pulse that flutters faint and low
When Summer’s seething breezes blow!

O Nature! bare thy loving breast,
And give thy child one hour of rest,–
One little hour to lie unseen
Beneath thy scarf of leafy green!

So, curtained by a singing pine,
Its murmuring voice shall blend with mine,
Till, lost in dreams, my faltering lay
In sweeter music dies away.