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Love In The Age Of Chivalry
by [?]


The earth was sown with early flowers,
The heavens were blue and bright–
I met a youthful cavalier
As lovely as the light.
I knew him not–but in my heart
His graceful image lies,
And well I marked his open brow,
His sweet and tender eyes,
His ruddy lips that ever smiled,
His glittering teeth betwixt,
And flowing robe embroidered o’er,
With leaves and blossoms mixed.
He wore a chaplet of the rose;
His palfrey, white and sleek,
Was marked with many an ebon spot,
And many a purple streak;
Of jasper was his saddle-bow,
His housings sapphire stone,
And brightly in his stirrup glanced
The purple calcedon.
Fast rode the gallant cavalier,
As youthful horsemen ride;
“Peyre Vidal! know that I am Love,”
The blooming stranger cried;
“And this is Mercy by my side,
A dame of high degree;
This maid is Chastity,” he said,
“This squire is Loyalty.”


This personification of the passion of Love, by Peyre Vidal, has been referred to as a proof of how little the Provencal poets were indebted to the authors of Greece and Rome for the imagery of their poems.]