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Jap Miller
by [?]

Jap Miller down at Martinsville’s the blamedest feller yit!
When he starts in a-talkin’ other folks is apt to quit!–
‘Pears like that mouth o’ his’n wuz n’t made fer nuthin’ else
But jes’ to argify ’em down and gether in their pelts:
He’ll talk you down on tariff; er he’ll talk you down on tax,
And prove the pore man pays ’em all–and them’s about the fac’s!–
Religen, law, er politics, prize-fightin’, er base-ball–
Jes’ tetch Jap up a little and he’ll post you ’bout ’em all.

And the comicalist feller ever tilted back a cheer
And tuck a chaw tobacker kind o’ like he did n’t keer.–
There’s where the feller’s strength lays,–he’s so
common-like and plain,–
They haint no dude about old Jap, you bet you–nary grain!
They ‘lected him to Council and it never turned his head,
And did n’t make no differunce what anybody said,–
He didn’t dress no finer, ner rag out in fancy clothes;
But his voice in Council-meetin’s is a turrer to his foes.

He’s fer the pore man ever’ time! And in the last campaign
He stumped old Morgan County, through the sunshine and the rain,
And helt the banner up’ards from a-trailin’ in the dust,
And cut loose on monopolies and cuss’d and cuss’d and cuss’d!
He’d tell some funny story ever’ now and then, you know,
Tel, blame it! it wuz better ‘n a jack-o’-lantern show!
And I’d go furder, yit, to-day, to hear old Jap norate
Than any high-toned orator ‘at ever stumped the State!

W’y, that-air blame Jap Miller, with his keen sircastic fun,
Has got more friends than ary candidate ‘at ever run!
Do n’t matter what his views is, when he states the same to you,
They allus coincide with your’n, the same as two and two:
You can’t take issue with him–er, at least, they haint no sense
In startin’ in to down him, so you better not commence.–
The best way’s jes’ to listen, like your humble servant does,
And jes’ concede Jap Miller is the best man ever wuz!