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International Ode – Our Fathers’ Land
by [?]

GOD bless our Fathers’ Land!
Keep her in heart and hand
One with our own!
From all her foes defend,
Be her brave People’s Friend,
On all her realms descend,
Protect her Throne!

Father, with loving care
Guard Thou her kingdom’s Heir,
Guide all his ways
Thine arm his shelter be,
From him by land and sea
Bid storm and danger flee,
Prolong his days!

Lord, let War’s tempest cease,
Fold the whole Earth in peace
Under thy wings
Make all thy nations one,
All hearts beneath the sun,
Till Thou shalt reign alone,
Great King of kings!

This ode was sung in unison by twelve hundred children of the public schools, to the air of “God save the Queen,” at the visit of the Prince of Wales to Boston, October 18, 1860.