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In Memorium
by [?]

Lady Caroline Charteris

The mountain-stream may humbly boast
For her the loud waves call;
The hamlet feeds the nation’s host,
The home-farm feeds the hall;

And unto earth heaven’s Lord doth lend
The right, of high import,
The gladsome privilege to send
New courtiers to Love’s court.

Not strange to thee, O lady dear,
Life in that palace fair,
For thou while waiting with us here
Didst just as they do there!

Thy heart still open to receive,
Open thy hand to give,
God had thee graced with more than leave
In heavenly state to live!

And though thou art gone up so high
Thou art not gone so far
But that thy love to us comes nigh,
As starlight from a star.

And ours must reach where’er thou art,
In far or near abode,
For God is of all love the heart,
And we are all in God.