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Hymn To The Eternal
by [?]

‘Twixt the heavens and earth, high in the airy ocean,
In the tempest’s cradle I’m borne with a rocking motion;
Clouds are towering,
Storms beneath me are lowering,
Giddily all the wonders I see,
And, O Eternal, I think of Thee!

All Thy terrible pomp, lend to the Finite now,
Mighty Nature! Oh, of Infinity, thou
Giant daughter!
Mirror God, as in water!
Tempest, oh, let thine organ-peal
God to the reasoning worm reveal!

Hark! it peals–how the rocks quiver beneath its growls
Zeboath’s glorious name, wildly the hurricane howls!
Graving the while
With the lightning’s style
“Creatures, do ye acknowledge me?”–
Spare us, Lord! We acknowledge Thee!