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Hymn 3:9 [Let All Our Tongues Be One]
by [?]

The Spirit, the water, and the blood, John 5. 6.

[Let all our tongues be one
To praise our God on high,
Who from his bosom sent his Son
To fetch us strangers nigh.

Nor let our voices cease
To sing the Saviour’s Name;
Jesus th’ ambassador of peace,
How cheerfully he came!

It cost him cries and tears
To bring us near to God;
Great was our debt, and he appears
To make the payment good.]

[My Saviour’s pierced side,
Pour’d out a double flood;
By water we are purify’d
And pardon’d by the blood.

Infinite was our guilt,
But he our Priest atones;
On the cold ground his life was spilt,
And offer’d with his groans.]

Look up, my soul, to him
Whose death was thy desert,
And humbly view the living stream
Flow from his breaking heart.

There on the cursed tree
In dying pangs he lies,
Fulfils his Father’s great decree,
And all our wants supplies.

Thus the Redeemer came
By water and by blood;
And when the Spirit speaks the same
We feel his witness good.

While the eternal Three
Bear their record above,
Here I believe he dy’d for me,
And seal my Saviour’s love.

[Lord, cleanse my soul from sin,
Nor let thy grace depart;
Great Comforter, abide within,
And witness to my heart.]