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Hymn 3:18 [Jesus, We Bow Before Thy Feet]
by [?]

The same.

Jesus, we bow before thy feet,
Thy table is divinely stor’d:
Thy sacred flesh our souls have eat,
‘Tis living bread; we thank thee, Lord!

And here we drink our Saviour’s blood,
We thank thee, Lord, ’tis generous wine;
Mingled with love the fountain flow’d
From that dear bleeding heart of thine.

On earth is no such sweetness found,
For the Lamb’s flesh is heavenly food;
In vain we search the globe around
For bread so fine, or wine so good.

Carnal provisions can at best
But cheer the heart, or warm the head,
But the rich cordial that we taste
Gives life eternal to the dead.

Joy to the Master of the feast,
His name our souls for ever bless:
To God the King, and God the Priest,
A loud Hosanna round the place.