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Hymn 3:14 [Now have our hearts embrac’d our God]
by [?]

The song of Simeon, Luke 2. 28;
or, A sight of Christ makes death easy.

Now have our hearts embrac’d our God,
We would forget all earthly charms,
And wish to die as Simeon would,
With his young Saviour in his arms.

Our lips should learn that joyful song,
Were but our hearts prepar’d like his;
Our souls still willing to be gone,
And at thy word depart in peace.

Here we have seen thy face, O Lord,
And view’d salvation with our eyes,
Tasted and felt the living word,
The bread descending from the skies.

Thou hast prepar’d this dying Lamb,
Hast set his blood before our face,
To teach the terrors of thy Name,
And show the wonders of thy grace.

He is our light; our morning star
Shall shine on nations yet unknown;
The glory of thine Israel here,
And joy of spirits near the throne.