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Hymn 2:167 [Great God, Thy Glories Shall Employ]
by [?]

The divine perfections.

Great God, thy glories shall employ
My holy fear, my humble joy;
My lips in songs of honour bring
Their tribute to th’ eternal King.

[Earth and the stars and worlds unknown,
Depend precarious on his throne,
All nature hangs upon his word,
And grace and glory own their Lord.]

[His sovereign power what mortal knows?
If he command who dares oppose?
With strength he girds himself around,
And treads the rebels to the ground.]

[Who shall pretend to teach him skill?
Or guide the counsels of his will?
His wisdom like a sea divine,
Flows deep and high beyond our line.]

[His Name is holy, and his eye
Burns with immortal jealousy;
He hates the sons of pride, and sheds
His fiery vengeance on their heads.]

[The beamings of his piercing sight
Bring dark hypocrisy to light;
Death and destruction naked lie,
And hell uncover’d to his eye.]

[Th’ eternal law before him stands;
His justice with impartial hands
Divides to all their due reward,
Or by the sceptre or the sword.]

[His mercy like a boundless sea
Washes our loads of guilt away,
While his own Son came down and dy’d,
T’ engage his justice on our side.]

[Each of his words demands my faith,
My soul can rest on all he saith;
His truth inviolably keeps
The largest promise of his lips.]

O tell me with a gentle voice,
“Thou art my God,” and I’ll rejoice!
Fill’d with thy love, I dare proclaim
The brightest honours of thy Name.