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Hymn 2:159 [Great King Of Glory And Of Grace]
by [?]

An unconverted state;
or, Converting grace.

[Great King of Glory and of grace,
We own with humble shame,
How vile is our degenerate race,
And our first father’s name.]

From Adam flows our tainted blood,
The poison reigns within,
Makes us averse to all that’s good,
And willing slaves to sin.

[Daily we break thy holy laws,
And then reject thy grace;
Engag’d in the old serpent’s cause
Against our Maker’s face.]

We live estrang’d afar from God,
And love the distance well;
With haste we run the dangerous road
That leads to death and hell.

And can such rebels be restor’d?
Such natures made divine?
Let sinners see thy glory, Lord,
And feel this power of thine.

We raise our Father’s name on high,
Who his own Spirit sends
To bring rebellious strangers nigh,
And turn his foes to friends.