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Hullo, Soldier! How’s The Boy?
by [?]

We’re not a bit deluded by the notion
That this is just a picnic, or that we
Enlisted for a trip across the ocean–
There’s work ahead, not just a joyous spree.
Of course we sing and talk and sometimes dance;
But get this in your mind–that when we hear
“Hullo, Soldier! How’s the boy?” as we disembark in France,
They will hear us answer, “Ready!”
Loud and clear;
They will see that we are ready,
Never fear.

Don’t you think that we are just a bunch of flivvers;
We’ve measured up the job that must be done
And we know what we are facing, though the shivers
Don’t turn our spines to rubber–not a one!
The Prussian scorned the world. Well, let him scorn it
(The world exchanges loathing for that scorn);
We haven’t put on khaki to adorn it,
But to make the Prussian sorry
He was born;
And to send him back, his “Kultur”
Banner torn!

So it doesn’t matter that some foolish people
Bemoan the fact this Army’s on the go;
Unless it is, the harvest they will reap’ll
Be slavery or death, they ought to know.
It isn’t what they want or what we’d like–
It’s what we’ve got to do…. When others say,
“Hullo, Soldier! How’s the boy?” as we drill and shoot and hike,
They must hear us answer, “Ready!”
Ev’ry day,
It’s this nation’s debt to France we’ve

Come to pay!