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Holiday Songs
by [?]


Sailing away on a summer sea,
Out of the bleak March weather;
Drifting away for a loaf and play,
Just you and I together;
And it’s good-bye worry and good-bye hurry
And never a care have we;
With the sea below and the sun above
And nothing to do but dream and love,
Sailing away together.

Sailing away from the grim old town
And tasks the town calls duty;
Sailing away from walls of grey
To a land of bloom and beauty,
And it’s good-bye to letters from our lessers and our betters,
To the cold world’s smile or its frown.
We sail away on a sunny track
To find the summer and bring it back
And love is our only duty.


Afloat on a sea of passion
Without a compass or chart,
But the glow of your eye shows the sun is high,
By the sextant of my heart.
I know we are nearing the tropics
By the languor that round us lies,
And the smile on your mouth says the course is south
And the port is Paradise.

We have left grey skies behind us,
We sail under skies of blue;
You are off with me on lovers’ sea,
And I am away with you.
We have not a single sorrow,
And I have but one fear –
That my lips may miss one offered kiss
From the mouth that is smiling near.

There is no land of winter;
There is no world of care;
There is bloom and mirth all over the earth,
And love, love everywhere.
Our boat is the barque of Pleasure,
And whatever port we sight
The touch of your hand will make the land
The Harbour of Pure Delight.