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Hide And Seek
by [?]


All the trees are sleeping, all the winds are still,
All the fleecy flocks of cloud, gone beyond the hill;
Through the noon-day silence, down the woods of June,
Hark, a little hunter’s voice, running with a tune.
“Hide and seek!
When I speak,
You must answer me:
Call again,
Merry men,
Coo-ee, coo-ee, coo-ee!”

Now I hear his footsteps rustling in the grass:
Hidden in my leafy nook, shall I let him pass?
Just a low, soft whistle,–quick the hunter turns,
Leaps upon me laughing loud, rolls me in the ferns.
“Hold him fast,
Caught at last!
Now you’re it, you see.
Hide your eye,
Till I cry,
Coo-ee, coo-ee, coo-ee!”


Long ago he left me, long and long ago;
Now I wander thro’ the world, seeking high and low.
Hidden safe and happy, in some pleasant place,–
If I could but hear his voice, soon I’d see his face!
Far away,
Many a day,
Where can Barney be?
Answer, dear,
Don’t you hear?
Coo-ee, coo-ee, coo-ee!

Birds that every spring-time sung him full of joy,
Flowers he loved to pick for me, mind me of my boy.
Somewhere he is waiting till my steps come nigh;
Love may hide itself awhile, but love can never die.
Heart, be glad,
The little lad
Will call again to thee:
“Father dear,
Heaven is here,
Coo-ee, coo-ee, coo-ee!”