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Her Love
by [?]

The sands upon the ocean side
That change about with every tide,
And never true to one abide,
A woman’s love I liken to.

The summer zephyrs, light and vain,
That sing the same alluring strain
To every grass blade on the plain –
A woman’s love is nothing more.

The sunshine of an April day
That comes to warm you with its ray,
But while you smile has flown away –
A woman’s love is like to this.

God made poor woman with no heart,
But gave her skill, and tact, and art,
And so she lives, and plays her part.
We must not blame, but pity her.

She leans to man–but just to hear
The praise he whispers in her ear;
Herself, not him, she holdeth dear –
O fool! to be deceived by her.

To sate her selfish thirst she quaffs
The love of strong hearts in sweet draughts,
Then throws them lightly by and laughs,
Too weak to understand their pain.

As changeful as the winds that blow
From every region to and fro,
Devoid of heart, she cannot know
The suffering of a human heart.