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God’s Gifts To Be Enjoyed
by [?]

From God’s all bounteous hand descend
Rare gifts in rich effusion,
And with those gifts no poisons blend,
Nor is their end delusion;
So do not spurn if He bestow
Those forms arrayed in beauty;
If thus His gifts with radiance glow,
Enjoyment is a duty.

Come, deck your brows with leaves and flowers,
Ye fair ones, nothing fearing;
Adorn your homes and train your bowers
Nor deem this sin’s appearing;
We do not fit ourselves for bliss
By scorning all adorning;
We may enjoy the good of this
And share heaven’s brighter morning.

A garment plain may have its stain,
And saintly brows lack sweetness;
But he who would heaven’s glory gain
Must here acquire a meetness;
So eat and drink, rejoice and sing,
But don’t forget the ending;
The bells of earth more sweetly ring
If we are heavenward tending.

The world we use, but not abuse,
If we enjoy its beauty;
And they who all its joys refuse
Miss privilege and duty.
Then prize earth’s joys, but prize much more
The bloom beyond the river;
God’s gifts enjoy, but e’er adore
The ever blessed Giver.