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Genesis [God said, "Let there be Crime," and the command]
by [?]

God said, “Let there be Crime,” and the command
Brought Satan, leading Stoneman by the hand.
“Why, that’s Stupidity, not Crime,” said God–
“Bring what I ordered.” Satan with a nod
Replied, “This is one element–when I
The other–Opportunity–supply
In just equivalent, the two’ll affine
And in a chemical embrace combine
And Crime result–for Crime can only be
Stupiditate of Opportunity.”
So leaving Stoneman (not as yet endowed
With soul) in special session on a cloud,
Nick to his sooty laboratory went,
Returning soon with t’other element.
“Here’s Opportunity,” he said, and put
Pen, ink, and paper down at Stoneman’s foot.
He seized them–Heaven was filled with fires and thunders,
And Crime was added to Creation’s wonders!