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Down Around The River
by [?]

Noon-time an’ June-time, down around the river!
Have to furse with ‘Lizey Ann–but lawzy! I fergive her!
Drives me off the place, an’ says ‘at all ‘at she’s a-wishin’,
Land o’ gracious! time’ll come I’ll git enough o’ fishin’!
Little Dave, a-choppin’ wood, never ‘pears to notice;
Don’t know where she’s hid his hat, er keerin’ where his coat is,–
Specalatin’, more’n like, he haint a-goin’ to mind me,
An’ guessin’ where, say twelve o’clock, a feller’d likely find me!

Noon-time an’ June-time, down around the river!
Clean out o’ sight o’ home, an’ skulkin’ under kivver
Of the sycamores, jack-oaks, an’ swamp-ash an’ ellum–
Idies all so jumbled up, you kin hardly tell ’em!–
Tired, you know, but lovin’ it, an’ smilin’ jes’ to think ‘at
Any sweeter tiredness you’d fairly want to drink it!
Tired o’ fishin’–tired o’ fun–line out slack an’ slacker–
All you want in all the world’s a little more tobacker!

Hungry, but a-hidin’ it, er jes’ a-not a-keerin’:–
Kingfisher gittin’ up an’ skootin’ out o’ hearin’;
Snipes on the t’other side, where the County Ditch is,
Wadin’ up an’ down the aidge like they’d rolled their britches!
Old turkle on the root kindo-sorto drappin’
Intoo th’ worter like he don’t know how it happen!
Worter, shade an’ all so mixed, don’t know which you’d orter
Say; th’ worter in the shadder–shadder in the worter!

Somebody hollerin’–‘way around the bend in
Upper Fork–where yer eye kin jes’ ketch the endin’
Of the shiney wedge o’ wake some muss-rat’s a-makin’
With that pesky nose o’ his! Then a sniff o’ bacon,
Corn-bred an’ ‘dock-greens–an’ little Dave a-shinnin’
‘Crost the rocks an’ mussel-shells, a-limpin’ an’ a-grinnin’,
With yer dinner fer ye, an’ a blessin’ from the giver,
Noon-time an’ June-time down around the river!