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Die Schone Wittwe
by [?]

Die Schöne Wittwe[1]




DAT pooty liddle vidow
Vot ve dosh’nt vish to name,
Ish still leben on dat liddle shtreet,
A doin’ shoost de same.
De glerks aroundt de gorners
Somedimes goes round to zee
How die tarlin’ liddle vitchy ees,
Und ask ‘er how she pe.
Dey lofes her ver’ goot liquœr,
Dey lofes her liddle shtore;
Dey lofes her little paby,
But dey lofes die vidow more.
To dalk mit dat shveet vidow,
Ven she hands das lager round,
Vill make der shap dat does id
Pe happy, ve’ll be pound.
Dat ish if we can vell pelieve
De glerks vat drinks das beer,
Who goes in dere for noding elshe,
Put simply for to zee her.



Oh yes I know die wittwe,
Mit eyes so prite und proun!
She’s de allerschœnste wittwe
Vot live in dis here down.
In her plack silk gown – mine grashious!-
All puttoned to de neck-
Und a pooty liddle collar,
Mitout a shpot or shpeck.
Ho! clear de drack you oder fraus
You can’t pegin to shine
Vhen de lofely vidder cooms along-
Dis vidder ash ish mine!
Ho! clear de drack you Yankee chaps,
You Englishers und sooch,
You can’t pegin to coot me out,
Mitout you dalks in Dootch.
Ich hab die schœne wittwe
Schon lange nit gesehn,
Ich sah sie gestern Abend
Wohl bei dem Counter Stehn.
Die Wangen rein wie Milch and Blut
Die Augen hell und klar.
Ich hab sie sechsmal auch geküsst-
Potztausend! das ist wahr.[2]

The author does not know who wrote the first part of “Die Schöne Wittwe.” It appeared about 1856, and “went the round of the papers,” accumulating as it went several additions or rejoinders, one of which was that by Hans Breitmann.

I had not seen for many days
The handsome widow’s face;
I saw her last night standing
By her counter, full of grace.
With cheeks as pure as milk and blood,
With eyes so bright and blue,
I kissèd her full well six times,
Indeed, and that is true.