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Cookie Jim
by [?]

The capting says, says he to us:
“Your duty is to do your best;
We can’t ALL lead in this here muss,
So mind your job! That is the test
O’ soldierin’,
O’ soldierin’–
To mind your job, while soldierin’!”

When Jimmy joined the colors first, he knowed that soon he’d be
A non-com. officer,–oh, sure, he had that idee firm;
But Jimmy got another think, fer quite eventually
They had him workin’ like a Turk, th’ pore, astonished worm.

The rest of us, we gotta eat, and Jimmy–he can cook!
(He makes a stew that tastes as good as mother used to make.)
An’ when he starts to flappin’ cakes, why, every hungry rook
Is droolin’ at the mouth for them, a-waitin’ fer his take.

He’s ranked a sergeant, but he don’t mix up with no recruits;
He rides a horse when we parade (which ain’t so often now);
But where he shines is when we eat; the grub that Jimmy shoots
At hungry troopers every day is certainly “some chow.”

He’s jest a “dough-boy,” of a sort; it’s Jimmy’s job to cook;
Don’t hafter drill, don’t hafter tote a lot of arms with him;
Jest messes up th’ stuff we eat, and we don’t hafter look–
It’s always clean! So here’s a good luck and health to Cookie Jim!

The capting says, says he: “You rooks
Have gotta lot to learn, I’ll say,
‘Cept Jimmy; he’s the best o’ cooks
Troop Z has had fer many a day
While soldierin’,
While soldierin’–
He does his work, while soldierin’!”