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Come, Tell Me Some Olden Story
by [?]


Come tell me some olden story
Of Knight or Paladin,
Whose sword on the field of glory
Bright laurel wreaths did win:
Tell me of the heart of fire
His courage rare did prove;
Speak on–oh! I will not tire–
But never talk of love.


Or, if thou wilt, I shall hearken
Some magic legend rare–
How the Wizard’s power did darken
The sunny summer air:
Thou’lt tell of Banshee’s midnight wail,
Or corpse-light’s ghastly gleam–
It matters not how wild the tale
So love be not thy theme.


Or, perhaps thou may’st have travelled
On distant, foreign strand,
Strange secrets have unravelled
In many a far-off land;
Describe each castle hoary,
Each fair or frowning shore–
But should love blend in thy story
I’ll list thy voice no more.


Thou askest with emotion,
Why am I thus so cold,
Urging all thy past devotion,
Well known–well tried of old;
Hush! bend a little nearer
That sad, o’erclouded brow–
Could love vows make thee dearer
To me than thou art now!