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Codex Honoris
by [?]

Jacob Jacobs, of Oakland, he swore:
“Dat Solomon Martin–I’ll haf his gore!”
Solomon Martin, of Oakland, he said:
“Of Shacob Shacobs der bleed I vill shed!”
So they met, with seconds and surgeon at call,
And fought with pistol and powder and–all
Was done in good faith,–as before I said,
They fought with pistol and powder and–shed
Tears, O my friends, for each other they marred
Fighting with pistol and powder and–lard!
For the lead had been stolen away, every trace,
And Christian hog-product supplied its place.
Then the shade of Moses indignant arose:
“Quvicker dan lighdnings go vosh yer glose!”
Jacob Jacobs, of Oakland, they say,
Applied for a pension the following day.
Solomon Martin, of Oakland, I hear,
Will call himself Colonel for many a year.