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Breitmann In La Sorbonne
by [?]

DER Breitmann sits in la Sorbonne,
A note-pook in his hand,
‘Tvas dere he vent to lectures,
Und in oldt Louis le Grand.
Id’s more ash two und dwendy years
Since here I used mein pen;
Oh, where ish all de characders,
Dat I hafe known since denn?

Der cratest boet efer vas,
Der pest I efer known,
Vent lecdures here, too, shoost like me,
Le Sieur Françoys Villon.
He raise de teufel all arount,
He hear de Sorbonne chime;
Crate shpirid ender in mein heart,
Und mofe mein soul to rhyme.