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A simple ditty Private Smithy sang for me,
Entitled “Beans.”… The tune was not a joy;
The words were commonplace as they could be,
But just to hear his earnest voice–“Oh, Boy!”

When first I went a-sojerin’
I couldn’t eat the stuff
The cookies gave the bunch of us,
For it was rough and tough.
But since I’ve been a-sojerin’
And learned what livin’ means
The grub we get tastes mighty good,
E-special-lee th’ beans,
Especially th’ beans!

We all were soft and flabby–
Our hands and muscles, too–
We had been used to easy things
To eat, to think, to do.
But when we tackled trench work,
With all that diggin’ means,
We learned to like the sojer grub,
E-special-lee th’ beans,
Especially th’ beans.

So now we’re very diff’rent
When mess-call comes around;
We’ve got our appetites all set
A-waitin’ for that sound;
It’s always “second helpin’s”
Behind the mess-tent screens;
We’re glad for Uncle Sam’s good grub,
E-special-lee th’ beans,
Especially th’ beans!

A very simple ditty, you’ll agree with me;
A commonplace production; but the joy
And unction that he puts into the melody,
The splendid appetite he sings–Oh, Boy!