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At Aunty’s House
by [?]

One time, when we’z at Aunty’s house–
‘Way in the country!–where
They’s ist but woods–an’ pigs, an’ cows–
An’ all’s out-doors an’ air!–
An’ orchurd-swing; an’ churry-trees–
An’ churries in ’em!–Yes, an’ these–
Here red-head birds steals all they please,
An’ tetch ’em ef you dare!–
W’y, wunst, one time, when we wuz there,
We et out on the porch!

Wite where the cellar-door wuz shut
The table wuz; an’ I
Let Aunty set by me an’ cut
My vittuls up–an’ pie.
‘Tuz awful funny!–I could see
The red-heads in the churry-tree;
An’ bee-hives, where you got to be
So keerful, goin’ by;–
An’ “Comp’ny” there an’ all!–an’ we–
We et out on the porch!

An’ I ist et p’surves an’ things
‘At Ma don’t ‘low me to–
An’ chickun-gizzurds–(don’t like wings
Like Parunts does! do you?)
An’ all the time, the wind blowed there,
An’ I could feel it in my hair,
An’ ist smell clover ever’where!–
An’ a’ old red-head flew
Purt’ nigh wite over my high-chair,
When we et on the porch!