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Added For The Alumni Meeting, June 29,1869
by [?]

So the gray Boatswain of ‘Twenty-nine
Piped to “The Boys” as they crossed the line;
Round the cabin sat thirty guests,
Babes of the nurse with a thousand breasts.

There were the judges, grave and grand,
Flanked by the priests on either hand;
There was the lord of wealth untold,
And the dear good fellow in broadcloth old.

Thirty men, from twenty towns,
Sires and grandsires with silvered crowns,–
Thirty school-boys all in a row,–
Bens and Georges and Bill and Joe.

In thirty goblets the wine was poured,
But threescore gathered around the board,–
For lo! at the side of every chair
A shadow hovered–we all were there!