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A World Redeemed
by [?]

This world is but the shadow
Of the world that is to be,
A ripple on the surface
Of a deep, unfathomed sea.
God’s plans are always perfect,
But long ages intervene
From the planning of the temple
To the glow upon its sheen;
But we can be co-workers
In accomplishing his plan;
For in God’s purpose is a place
For every son of man.

The germ may be developed
In a more salubrious clime,
All obstacles surmounted
In the onward march of time,
And nature’s forces harnessed
Will their destiny fulfil,
And things now deemed supernal
Respond to human will;
For God has so adjusted
The laws of this earthly sphere,
That by man’s help his plans unfold,
And order doth appear.

The words of God’s own prophets
Concerning these latter days
Of mighty transformations,
To our great Redeemer’s praise;
When wastes shall glow in beauty,
And the savage beast be kind,
Though they have prior fulfilment
In the realm of soul and mind;
Will then be more than figure,
Though that we all count sublime;
The earth will wear its regal robes
In every land and clime.

This life is but a sample
Of the life that is to be;
There we know the perfect lesson,
Here we learn the a–b–c;
And the life beyond is fashioned
By the thoughts and deeds of this;
Fitting it for realms of darkness,
Or for never-ending bliss;
For those alone will sorrow
Who receive His grace in vain,
But those who wrought with God will prove
That godliness is gain.