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A Shrine In The Pantheon
by [?]


Universal approval has been accorded the proposal made in the French Chamber that the ashes of an unnamed French soldier, fallen for his country, shall be removed with solemn ceremony to the Pantheon. In this way it is intended to honor by a symbolic ceremony the memory of all who lie in unmarked graves.

Here the great heart of France,
Victor in noble strife,
Doth consecrate a Poilu’s tomb
To those who saved her life!

Brave son without a name,
Your country calls you home,
To rest among her heirs of fame,
Beneath the Pantheon’s dome!

Now from the height of Heaven,
The souls of heroes look;
Their names, ungraven on this stone,
Are written in God’s book.

Women of France, who mourn
Your dead in unmarked ground,
Come hither! Here the man you loved
In the heart of France is found!