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A Recipe
by [?]

Take a pair of sparkling eyes,
Hidden, ever and anon,
In a merciful eclipse–
Do not heed their mild surprise–
Having passed the Rubicon.
Take a pair of rosy lips;
Take a figure trimly planned–
Such as admiration whets
(Be particular in this);
Take a tender little hand,
Fringed with dainty fingerettes,
Press it–in parenthesis;–
Take all these, you lucky man–
Take and keep them, if you can.

Take a pretty little cot–
Quite a miniature affair–
Hung about with trellised vine,
Furnish it upon the spot
With the treasures rich and rare
I’ve endeavored to define.
Live to love and love to live
You will ripen at your ease,
Growing on the sunny side–
Fate has nothing more to give.
You’re a dainty man to please
If you are not satisfied.
Take my counsel, happy man:
Act upon it, if you can!