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A Merognostic
by [?]

I know in part, but know not all,
The part I know is known;
What know I not I hope with Paul
To know before the throne.
Till then where knowledge fails I trust
The truth God has revealed,
As known by me, forever must
Be like the truth concealed.

I know God is, tho’ hid from sight,
And know He cares for me;
In blessing me He takes delight,
And I by faith can see
His skilful hand and loving heart,
In all my life’s affairs,
And feel content to know but part
If He knows all my cares.

I know God gave His Son to die
A sacrifice for man,
And live all who on Him rely,
And meet His claims I can,
Yet I know not how in Him meet
The human and divine;
But God He is, and at His feet
I fall, and feel Him mine.

Nor do I understand the change
The spirit wrought in me;
A work so great exceeds my range,
But I can feel and see
The inward peace, and outward trend,
And hear likewise His voice,
The outward with the inward blend,
And answer to my choice.

I know not how mind touches mind
And thoughts spring into life;
Nor know the mystic bands which bind,
Like husband to the wife,
My loving Lord and my poor soul,
But this I know full well,
If I submit to His control
I cannot sink to hell.

I know the world shakes to its base,
And man still wars with man,
The bane of sin rests on our race,
And Satan leads the van;
But hope exults within my breast
Tho ‘darkness shrouds the sky;
God is the friend of the oppressed,
The good will never die.

I know not why my plans should fail
When I have plan’d for God,
And on this ground my foes assail,
But I still kiss the rod,
For tho’ I cannot tell the why
My heart is filled with peace;
I can on my dear Lord rely,
And wait for my release.

I know He is both true and kind,
And has my good at heart.
His discipline will only bind
With cords which naught can part,
My heart’s affections to His throne,
And fit me for my rest,
Nor do I tread life’s path alone;
He knows, and I am blest.