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A Feel In The Chris’mas-Air
by [?]

They’s a kind o’ feel in the air, to me.
When the Chris’mas-times sets in.
That’s about as much of a mystery
As ever I’ve run ag’in!–
Fer instunce, now, whilse I gain in weight
And gineral health, I swear
They’s a goneness somers I can’t quite state–
A kind o’ feel in the air.

They’s a feel in the Chris’mas-air goes right
To the spot where a man lives at!–
It gives a feller a’ appetite–
They ain’t no doubt about that!–
And yit they’s somepin‘–I don’t know what–
That follers me, here and there,
And ha’nts and worries and spares me not–
A kind o’ feel in the air!

They’s a feel, as I say, in the air that’s jest
As blame-don sad as sweet!–
In the same ra-sho as I feel the best
And am spryest on my feet,
They’s allus a kind o’ sort of a’ ache
That I can’t lo-cate no-where;–
But it comes with Chris’mas, and no mistake!–
A kind o’ feel in the air.

Is it the racket the childern raise?–
W’y, no!–God bless ’em!–no!–
Is it the eyes and the cheeks ablaze–
Like my own wuz, long ago?–
Is it the bleat o’ the whistle and beat
O’ the little toy-drum and blare
O’ the horn?–No! no!–it is jest the sweet–
The sad-sweet feel in the air.