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"You On The Tower"
by [?]


“You on the tower of my factory –
What do you see up there?
Do you see Enjoyment with wide wings
Advancing to reach me here?”
– “Yea; I see Enjoyment with wide wings
Advancing to reach you here.”


“Good. Soon I’ll come and ask you
To tell me again thereon . . .
Well, what is he doing now? Hoi, there!”
–“He still is flying on.”
“Ah, waiting till I have full-finished.
Good. Tell me again anon . . .


Hoi, Watchman! I’m here. When comes he?
Between my sweats I am chill.”
–“Oh, you there, working still?
Why, surely he reached you a time back,
And took you miles from your mill?
He duly came in his winging,
And now he has passed out of view.
How can it be that you missed him?
He brushed you by as he flew.”