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The Voice Of Spring
by [?]

I heard a voice–twas the voice of Spring,
Up from the rivulets murmuring,
Singing of freedom,–thus the lay
On the breezes floated away–
“Joy! joy!–the chains that bound us
Now disappear,
Sunlight pours its treasures round us,
Warm, warm and clear,
Onward, speeding onward
To the bright main,
Chainless, free, unfettered,
Are we again!”

I heard a voice–’twas the voice of Spring,
Out from the hill sides whispering,
And a tender strain from the woodland lone
Blended with it in murmurous tone–
“Joy! joy!–the world is waking
From her long rest,–
Earth a glow of warmth is taking
To her chill breast,–
Tiny flower germs, hidden
Long out of sight,
Stealing forth unbidden,
Seek the warm light!”

I heard a voice–’twas the voice of Spring,
Over the waters wandering,
As to the wilds came the song birds back,
Singing still in their homeward track–
“Joy! joy!–we’re home returning
To the free hills,
From our long and far sojourning,
Now, to the rills,
To the echoing forest.
Orchard and plain,
With our old-time music,
Speed we again!”

I heard a voice–’twas the voice of Spring,–
Nature, all Nature awoke to sing;
And every valley, and grove, and plain
Had its share in the welcome strain:–
“Joy! joy!–the chains are broken,
Spring smiles again,–
Joy for every blessed token
Of her glad reign,–
Joy on all the waters,
Joy on each shore.–
Sunlight, song, sweet odors,
Welcome once more!”