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The Memorial Brass: 186-
by [?]

“Why do you weep there, O sweet lady,
Why do you weep before that brass? –
(I’m a mere student sketching the mediaeval)
Is some late death lined there, alas? –
Your father’s? . . . Well, all pay the debt that paid he!”

“Young man, O must I tell!–My husband’s! And under
His name I set mine, and my DEATH! –
Its date left vacant till my heirs should fill it,
Stating me faithful till my last breath.”
– “Madam, that you are a widow wakes my wonder!”

“O wait! For last month I–remarried!
And now I fear ’twas a deed amiss.
We’ve just come home. And I am sick and saddened
At what the new one will say to this;
And will he think–think that I should have tarried?

“I may add, surely,–with no wish to harm him –
That he’s a temper–yes, I fear!
And when he comes to church next Sunday morning,
And sees that written . . . O dear, O dear!
– “Madam, I swear your beauty will disarm him!”