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The Lee Shore
by [?]

Sleet! and Hail! and Thunder!
And ye Winds that rave,
Till the sands thereunder
Tinge the sullen wave–

Winds, that like a Demon,
Howl with horrid note
Round the toiling Seaman,
In his tossing boat–

From his humble dwelling,
On the shingly shore,
Where the billows swelling,
Keep such hollow roar–

From that weeping Woman,
Seeking with her cries
Succor superhuman
From the frowning skies–

From the Urchin pining
For his Father’s knee–
From the lattice shining–
Drive him out to sea!

Let broad leagues dissever
Him from yonder foam–
Oh, God! to think Man ever
Comes too near his Home!