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Riddles Of Merlin
by [?]

As I was walking
Alone by the sea,
What is that whisper?”
Said Merlin to me.
“Only,” I answered,
“The sigh of the wave”–
Oh, no,” replied Merlin,
‘Tis the grass on your grave.”

As I lay dreaming
In churchyard ground
Listen,” said Merlin,
What is that sound?
“The green grass is growing,”
I answered; but he
Chuckled, “Oh, no!
‘Tis the sound of the sea

As I went homeward
At dusk by the shore,
What is that crimson?”
Said Merlin once more.
“Only the sun,” I said.
“Sinking to rest”–
Sunset for East,” he said,
Sunrise for West.”