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On Seeing Colours Consecrated: Presented By Mrs. Berkley
by [?]

Berkley, the female champion of our cause,
While gratitude exists demands applause;
The morn was fine and pleasant was the scene,
The sons of Briton met on Writtle green:
To church repair’d with fervency and grace,
And loyalty appear’d on every face;
Prayers were read with energy and truth,
To give instructions to the British youth;
The same good order then was plainly seen,
When they return’d advancing to the green:
The line was form’d and music now begins,
To offer praises to the best of kings;
The Captain with due modesty and grace,
Marches the ensigns to their proper place.
With manners pleasing and with accents just,
The worthy fair one yields the sacred trust;
Speaks of their duty in the hour of strife,
Never to yield those colours but with life:
With manliness the Captain quick replies,
No man will yield them! madam, till he dies;
Ensigns receiv’d them from the Captain’s hand,
May God protect them ever in this land.