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Maid Of Culture
by [?]

MAID of culture, ere we part,
Since we’ve talked of letters, art,
Science, faith, and hypnotism,
And ’most every other ism,
When you wrote, a while ago,
Ζώη μοῦ, σὰς ἀγαπώ,

Let me tell you this, my dear:
Though your lettering was clear,
Though the ancient sages Greek
Would be glad to hear you speak,
They would be replete with woe
At your μοῦ, σὰς ἀγαπώ.

For, dear maiden most astute,
You have placed the mark acute
O’er omega. Take your specs.
See? It should be circumflex.
Still I love you, even though
You have written ἀγαπώ.