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Judson’s Grave
by [?]

He sleeps where the billow
Lifts high its white crest
O’er his lone, sea-weed pillow
On Ocean’s dark breast;
No shroud is around him,
No flowers bloom above,
No mourners surround him
With grief-drops of love.

But the limitless ocean
His requiem sings,
As, with tireless motion,
The green billow springs
Toward the infinite heaven,
Blue, bending above,
Where angels are watching
His slumbers in love.

Oh! boundless his tomb is,
Far-reaching, sublime,
Stretching forth in immenseness
To every clime;
Thus boundless his love was,
On every side
Spreading freely wherever
Man sorrowed or died.

Sleep, Judson! no grave-dust
Shall rest on thy head,
In sunlight or starlight
No marble shall shed
Its shadow sepulchral
Above thee,–no tomb
Save Earth’s grandest and vastest,
May give to thee room!

Man marks not thy pillow
With yew-tree or stone;
But God, o’er the billow,
Keeps watch of His own;
And glorious thy rising,
O crowned one, will be,
When Jehovah shall summon
His dead from the sea!