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I Will Not Despair
by [?]

I will not despair while thou rulest the storm,
Though the red lightning stream o’er the cloud’s sable-breast,
For I catch through the darkness bright gleams of thy form,
And I know ’tis thy voice lulls the tempest to rest–
The wild tempest to rest:
Nor yet, though the shadows of deepening night,
Hang over my path like the pall of despair;
For one star through the gloom sends its hallowed light,
And I know ’tis thy love smiling tenderly there,
–Ah! tenderly there.

I will not despair, though the fountain that burst
For me in life’s desert be wasted and dry;
For thy love was the fountain that cheered me at first,
And again to its life-giving waters I fly–
O Holiest, fly!
No; I will not despair while thy hand points me on,
Though flowerless and thorny the path where I roam.
For a calm sunlight rests on the far hills beyond,
And I know ’tis the radiance that streams from my home,
–Home, beautiful home!