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Her Late Husband
by [?]


“No–not where I shall make my own;
But dig his grave just by
The woman’s with the initialed stone –
As near as he can lie –
After whose death he seemed to ail,
Though none considered why.

“And when I also claim a nook,
And your feet tread me in,
Bestow me, under my old name,
Among my kith and kin,
That strangers gazing may not dream
I did a husband win.”

“Widow, your wish shall be obeyed;
Though, thought I, certainly
You’d lay him where your folk are laid,
And your grave, too, will be,
As custom hath it; you to right,
And on the left hand he.”

“Aye, sexton; such the Hintock rule,
And none has said it nay;
But now it haps a native here
Eschews that ancient way . . .
And it may be, some Christmas night,
When angels walk, they’ll say:

“‘O strange interment! Civilized lands
Afford few types thereof;
Here is a man who takes his rest
Beside his very Love,
Beside the one who was his wife
In our sight up above!'”