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Go, Dream No More
by [?]

Go, dream no more of a sun-bright sky
With never a cloud to dim!–
Thou hast seen the storm in its robes of night,
Them hast felt the rush of the whirlwind’s might,
Thou hast shrunk from the lightning’s arrowy flight,
When the Spirit of Storms went by!

Go, dream no more of a crystal sea
Where never a tempest sweeps!–
For thy riven bark on a surf-beat shore,
Where the wild winds shriek, and the billows roar,
A shattered wreck to be launched no more,
Will mock at thy dream and thee!

Go, dream no more of a fadeless flower
With never a cankering blight’–
For the queenliest rose in thy garden bed,
The pride of the morn, ere the noon is fled,
With the worm at its heart, withers cold and dead
In the Spoiler s fearful power!

Go, dream no more–for the cloud will rise,
And the tempest will sweep the sea,
Yet grieve not thou, for beyond the. strife,
The storm and the gloom with which Earth is rife,
Gleam out the light of a calmer life,
And the glow of serener skies!