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Beautiful, Happy, And Beloved
by [?]

WOULDST thou be beautiful?
Ah, then, be pure! be pure! An angel’s face
Is the transparent mirror of her soul.
If ghastly guilt on fairest brows you trace,
Then do you hear the knell of beauty toll.
Let Purity her seal on thee impress,
And thine shall be angelic loveliness.
The pure are beautiful.

Wouldst thou be dearly loved?
Then love, love truly all that God has made;
For by His name of love is He best known.
No damp distrust be on thy spirit laid;
And let affection’s words and deeds be one.
Thy soul’s warm fountain shall not gush in vain;
From Love’s deep source it shall be filled again;
For they who love, are loved.

And wouldst thou happy be?
Then make the truth thy talisman, thy guide.
Be truth the stone in all thy jewels set.
Into thy heart its opal-light shall glide,
And guide thee where are happier spirits yet.
For these three rays are in the shining crown:
The seraph by the Throne of Light lays down,
Truth, Love, and Purity.