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Away To The Hills – A Holiday Song
by [?]

Away to the hills, away!–
There is health in the summer air;–
The rustling bough, and the bending spray,
And the breath of flowers are there–
The honey-bee’s hum and the wild bird’s song,
And sunshine and summer winds all day long!

Away to the hills, away!
There are peace and calmness there–
White cloudlets floating in light all day
Through the blue transparent air,–
Rose-tinted mornings and noontides rare,
And sunsets of crimson and gold are there!

Away to the hills, away!
From your weariness and care–
From toil that has held on with tyrant sway,
To quiet and calmness there;
And bask in the beauty and bloom that fills
The cool, sweet depths of the summer hills!